The non-profit organisation VZW “Maritieme Site Oostende” was established by a few enthusiasts with a heart for old fishing boats and by a number of people who were concerned about creating training and employment opportunities for job-seekers.

In March 1998 the renovation of the last Iceland trawler, the “Amandine – 0.129” was started at the old shipyard “Seghers”, situated at the Slipwaykaai in Oostende. After the renovation, the fishing boat was put in a dry dock along the – also – renovated Visserskaai in Oostende and now serves as an interactive museum.

The construction of the “Amandine” was started on 16/11/60 at the shipyard Richard Panesi in Oostende, by order of the shipowners Engel Verhaeghe and Pierre Vincent. The trial trip was made on March 17th, 1962.

The Amandine is 36 m long (32.5 m between the sounding lines), 6.7 m wide, has a draught of 3.9 m, a hold with a capacity of 65 tons and, a 510 hp industrial engine. It can accommodate 10 crew members and cost 219.660 euro. The boat always sailed with only 8 crew members.

The catches mainly consisted of cod, haddock, blue ling, pollack, sapphirine gurnard, sea bream, large plaice and Scottish dab.

The 0.129 had several very experienced masters, who prevented the boat from suffering major disasters.

On 03/04/95, the “Amandine” made the harbour of Oostende for the very last time. That day, its fishing career ended, and so did the history of fishing voyages to Iceland departing from Oostende.

The dry dock situated along the Visserskaai, across the Ostend railway station, is certainly worth a visit. You will be fascinated by ” d’Ostensjhe Ieslandvisjherie “.


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